Introducing…Leyla (new Baypoint Personal Trainer!)

Baypoint are delighted the arrival of experienced PT, Leyla Peakall.

Leyla brings something new and exciting to Baypoint. In addition to personal training options, a FREE morning circuits session is already underway and all are invited to join and benefit!!

First, let’s get to know Leyla and learn about the circuits session specifically…

Q. Hi Leyla. Firstly, welcome to the Baypoint team! So what does the circuits session consist of?

Hi there! Pleased to be a part of the Baypoint family! The circuit sessions consist of progressing through several exercises; sequentially at a station, with short periods of rest in between…usually enough time to get into position for the next exercise.

Once all exercises at a station have been completed, there will be a longer rest period before moving onto the next station. There is a mixture of bodyweight & resistance exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands & other equipment as well as cardiovascular exercises such as burpees, skipping, jogging etc.  

How difficult are the sessions?

I welcome clients of all abilities in my classes. I explain and demonstrate each exercise before they’re performed and provide alternative exercises or modifications for those who are unable to perform a movement safely or progressions for those who require more of a challenge. 

Due to the short recovery periods and variety of exercises, some may say circuit sessions are ideal for intermediate & advanced clients with a baseline level of strength & fitness.  However, I say, with the appropriate modifications & working at a pace which suits your own level of fitness, the classes are suitable for everyone! So far we’ve welcomed a range of abilities & ages!

Why have you selected Baypoint to host your sessions?

I discovered Baypoint when I was working in my previous role, engaging with community members & networking with local businesses to build relationships and secure opportunities in education and training for their service users. 

Impressed with the venue and the stunning views as I was given a tour, I enquired about the gym and personal training.  Leon & Scott (Baypoint Directors) gave me the opportunity to offer Personal Training sessions at Baypoint for both members & guests, as well as being able to contribute to the extensive programme of activities already on offer.  

Baypoint’s commitment to giving people of all abilities an entitlement to opportunities to enjoy the health, educational & social benefits of sport align with my personal values. As a teacher of 14 years, I was impressed with the sports & afterschool clubs offsite, in schools and within the community. I wanted to be a part of encouraging the wellbeing, health & fitness of the local community. I could see a gap in the market for early morning circuit sessions and thought this could be a great opportunity to offer something to early birds or those who have to dash off to work & want to get their workout done beforehand!

How long have you been delivering pro personal training?

My personal training and fitness instructing journey began in 2020 but remained on the backburner due to my demanding career as a teacher. However, I chose to leave the profession at the start of 2022 to focus more on building my business Coached By Leyla!

What do you love most about personal training?

One of the best things about personal training is being able to make a difference to people’s lives – helping my clients make changes to improve their physical and mental health.  It’s so rewarding to watch a client’s transformation.

Very often clients come to me lacking in confidence and with a vague goal. I enjoy working with them to come up with a precise goal which empowers & motivates them. I watch their confidence and self-belief grow, which is so important to me!

I love meeting new people and working with such a diverse array of clients. I learn something new from everyone I work with and I love how clients feel comfortable talking to me about everything and anything – some clients have even referred to our sessions as being ‘therapy’ which feels amazing!

For me, personal training doesn’t feel like work, I love it and as they say, ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’.   

FREE early morning circuit sessions NOW AVAILABLE with our brilliant new personal trainer, Leyla!

6:15-7:15am Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

8:15-9:15am Saturdays

FREE to members and also for a limited period also FREE for non-members!

To book…
Non-members: email or call 01304 613022
Members: FitSense app

Get your workout done before the day starts!

Check out Leyla’s socials here


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