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Under 12

Baypoint FC - Under 12

Manager: Clive Balcombe

Head Coach Clive Balcombe is FA qualified with over 15 years experience in football coaching at various age groups. Clive is safeguarding and first aid trained. Clive is assisted by Mark Goldsack. Mark is FA playmaker, Safeguarding & First Aid qualified coach, Mark has been working with Clive for the past 7 years and they both extol the same values to the game and player development. Clive and Mark often attend FA coach events to improve their knowledge and credentials.

Our team has been developing well since its inception. Our performances over the past 2 seasons have improved immensely, going on unbeaten runs and the losses being taken well and used to improve. Some of the players have been together since they were 4 years old and their friendships are strong. We welcome new players with open arms and it doesn’t take long for the team to bring them into the fold and friendship group.

Our philosophy is to create a competitive but fair player training/ match day experience. We will pick teams based on the players application in training and the previous games. Over the past year, the management have set season challenges for the team to gain progression to the next level. This has worked as we were promoted last year.

We move to competitive football from under 12, where the results will matter. However, the managers we also empathise on how we play, performance is key, we want the players to demonstrate what we are teaching them whilst also ensuring that they show the values we are instilling in them.

Come and join the Team.

Baypoint FC Under 12 Team Photo

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