Team Building

As we state in Our Mission, "Baypoint aims to make a positive contribution to the personal, social, physical, development and health of all within the local community". Our team building activities are the best way of doing this within your team.

Team Building at Baypoint

Team building days are the best way to get your team working together better and to help break the ice for those newcomers. Baypoint offer many team building activities, take a look below.

rounders team building at Baypoint


Baypoint’s 17-acre site features a full-size Rounders area. Dimensionally accurate the pitch is used for junior activities and available for hire for Team Building and Corporate exercises.


Baypoint is the proud owner of a Softball pitch. The European version of the popular American Sport Baseball, Softball is hugely popular in corporate and team building events and available for hire.

Softball team building at Baypoint
Obstacle course team building at Baypoint

Obstacle Course

The perimeter of the 17-acre site provides the perfect location for a challenging but enjoyable obstacle course. The apparatus and route can be tailored according to the needs of the group / individual and is ideally placed to deliver a corporate team building exercise.

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