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Leyla Peakall

My name’s Leyla & I’m a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor at Baypoint & I’m also an Online Coach. I’ve always been into exercise & keeping fit & healthy, but I went through what I’d call a transformational journey during the first lockdown.

About Me

My name’s Leyla & I’m a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor at Baypoint & I’m also an Online Coach.

I’ve always been into exercise & keeping fit & healthy, but I went through what I’d call a transformational journey during the first lockdown. I discovered a genuine passion for exercise & nutrition. I quickly realised how important these were for my own mental health & wellbeing. I also recognised how making small, manageable changes to my daily routine & habits had such a noticeable impact on my physical appearance & fitness levels.

I worked with my own online coach throughout lockdown from home, with limited equipment, when gyms were closed. I achieved some amazing results in just 20 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, there were no miracles involved but I had the drive & the commitment to achieve my goals & I had guidance, support, education & accountability from my coach. Having been through a fat loss phase, maintenance phase & muscle gain phase, I felt I’d learned enough to be able to help others & I wanted to share my experience & knowledge to assist people with achieving their own fitness goals. So, I completed a Level 2 Gym Instructor course & a Level 3 Personal Training course, alongside my full-time job as a secondary school teacher. I’ve applied the methods & tools I’ve learnt from my own journey & through my studies to help people achieve their goals with some great results. I’ve since completed a Level 2 Circuit Instructor course to enable me to offer circuit classes too.

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My Journey So Far

My Services

  • 1-2-1 or small group sessions in the gym or studio
  • Providing workout programs that are effective & tailored to a client’s personal goals
  • Teaching correct form & technique
  • Instilling confidence with using gym equipment
  • Offering encouragement during sessions to keep motivation high
  • Providing accountability when self-motivation is low
  • Adapting training programmes to suit a client’s progression
  • Imparting knowledge & advice
  • Assisting with rehabilitating injuries with appropriate stretches & movements

  • 1-2-1 (same rate as PT sessions) in the studio or gym
  • Small group in the studio on the days outlined in the Baypoint Class Timetable
  • A mixture of bodyweight, resistance & cardiovascular exercises
  • A range of equipment used in each session: dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands etc.
  • All ages & abilities welcome & catered for
  • Explanations & demonstrations given
  • Alternative exercises or modifications provided
  • Progressive exercises suggested for a greater challenge
  • Work at a pace which suits your level of fitness
  • A chance to make new friends

  • A monthly subscription
  • Working with clients to achieve their goals: fat loss, muscle gain, improved strength, greater confidence, increased fitness levels etc.
  • Concentrating on helping clients make realistic & sustainable lifestyle & mindset changes
  • Focusing on nutrition & physical activity to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Help with tracking calories using MyFitnessPal
  • A holistic approach with no extremes, or unsustainable & restrictive diets
  • Daily goals set in relation to steps, weekly targets set for cardiovascular exercise
  • Personalised training programmes provided for clients to follow independently
  • Weekly check-ins & practical feedback provided
  • Constant monitoring of progress through regular body weight & measurement tracking & progress photos
  • Support via WhatsApp as & when it’s required

Success Stories

Kim's Story

Kim got in touch with me wanting to reduce her body fat without a fad diet. She wanted to be held to account - with a busy lifestyle it’s easy to give up as life gets in the way. Kim’s a busy working mum with an active social life, no gym membership & limited equipment at home.

I helped Kim understand the importance of eating regularly to fuel her body. Kim didn’t eat breakfast but soon felt the benefits! I taught Kim to track her food so she could progress whilst still attending social events. Kim never ate snacks, but we introduced these during the day, so she felt full & energised.

Kim battled with an injury, which often stopped her hitting her daily step count. But we overcame this by finding ways she could train without worsening this.

Kim’s mindset around weighing herself changed. She’d always over-analysed the number on the scales, but soon realised success wasn’t always defined by this. Kim had weeks where her weight didn’t fall, yet her measurements decreased & she saw changes in her photos & her clothes were loose. I was chuffed when she said, “I was more comfortable this week with the scales not budging”. This was a huge mindset shift!

The best part of Kim’s journey was discovering a passion for running. In a check-in Kim wrote “I’m doing the Bewl Water 10km, which is a huge achievement for me, 6 weeks ago running 5km seemed untouchable, I couldn’t run for 2 mins without thinking I was going to die”. After doing a 10km race, Kim completed a half-marathon, she was prouder of this, than of her weight loss which was her initial goal.

After 16 weeks, Kim felt ready to go it alone. I was happy I’d given her the knowledge & confidence to carry on by herself. She said “I’m feeling really good, I feel like it’s just a way of life now, I know what to eat, when to eat & what I’m doing exercise wise each day, it’s just a routine now. It’s like, all of a sudden it just clicks”.

Claire's Testimonial

I started my weight loss/ fitness journey with Leyla at the end of lockdown as I was in a horrible rut. I’d put on weight, stopped exercising and generally felt yuck!

Leyla wholeheartedly supported me through my time with her and I had amazing results. I lost 12kgs, created a healthy relationship with food and found a passion for running (never ever thought I’d be writing that!) and these lifestyle changes are still with me today.

Not only did we have weekly check-ins to discuss my progress that week, Leyla was always at the end of the phone everyday of the week. When I found it tough, she spurred me on, when I couldn’t see the woods for the trees, she guided me and when I did well, she celebrated me.

Leyla asked me if I would share my progress photos but I really don’t feel comfortable sharing as I like to keep that private. I can say that I lost 12kgs, went down two dress sizes, got rid of my big belly and saddlebags and felt fitter, healthier and stronger than I had in years.

You do have to find your own motivation to begin any new venture but with Leyla behind you, you certainly won’t fail. She is amazing!


Client Success Story

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