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Personal Training

Here at Baypoint, we offer a variety of activities, sports, clubs and classes. Our variations of personal training services put us a cut above the rest. Take a look at our two different personal training variations below.

Leyla Peakall

My name’s Leyla & I’m a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor at Baypoint & I’m also an Online Coach.

I’ve always been into exercise & keeping fit & healthy, but I went through what I’d call a transformational journey during the first lockdown. I discovered a genuine passion for exercise & nutrition. I quickly realised how important these were for my own mental health & wellbeing. I also recognised how making small, manageable changes to my daily routine & habits had such a noticeable impact on my physical appearance & fitness levels.

Image of Leyla Peakall - personal trainer
Image of Chris Wainwright - personal trainer

Chris Wainwright

My name’s Chris, I am the current Gym Manager at Baypoint and have been a personal trainer since 2015 after previously being a professional golfer.

Back Surgery forced me to quit golf and pursue my current career path. I have spent several years training professional golfers, cricketers, athletes as well as police, firemen and servicemen for certain job entry fitness criteria as well and many general population clients.

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