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Schools and School Children

Our programmes and activities are bespoke to your school and the needs of your pupils.

How can we help your school?

We are on a mission to make children happy and healthy.

As a trusted partner, we provide stimulating and exciting physical activity, wellbeing or creative programmes; tailored to the needs of your school. We offer a direct solution to dealing with mental health and promoting wellbeing; reducing unhappiness and feelings of anxiety.

Our programmes and activities are bespoke to your school and the needs of your pupils. Let us take care of the planning, delivery and progress reporting to free-up your resources and provide high-energy, active learning sessions that pupils will love.

Wraparound care is a lifeline for busy parents. Yet, with schools working at capacity, wraparound care can become a time-consuming or admin-laden concern for SLTs. The pandemic has threatened to disrupt the wellbeing and physical health of the next generation. Thus, making it more important than ever that children can access high-quality wraparound care that not only gets them moving, but stimulates, motivates, and engages them, whilst fitting sensitively around their school day.

At Baypoint Education & Wellbeing we have years of experience in offering premium wraparound care. As well as curricular and extra-curricular sports coaching, wellbeing sessions, holiday camps and creative sessions.

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After School Clubs

Typically from the end of the school day to 18:00hrs, our after-school clubs are a great way to round-off the school day. We offer a range of options for students, including indoor and outdoor activities, as well as the opportunity to read or complete homework.

We encourage children to take part in physical and/or creative activity which promotes a healthier lifestyle, releases tension and are great fun! Our end-of-the-school-day wraparound care sessions act as a ‘pause point’; concluding the school day with fun activities and a healthy afternoon snack.

Holiday Camps

Typically 09:00hrs to 15:00hrs; whether multi-activity, sport-specific, or creative arts based, our Holiday Camps are designed to engage children and enable them to have fun with their friends in a safe, nurturing environment outside of term-time.

The routine follows a similar structure to the school day, which provides consistency and familiarity to children and allows them to focus on having fun and being active!

All of our holiday camps concentrate on physical literacy, movement, communication and social skills. You can signpost your parents and students to our onsite holiday camps at Baypoint or, if the demand is there, we can host one at your school premises.

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